Robbinsdale Area Schools


We're always looking for volunteers to help with events or get involved in the Forest Elementary PTO! Please contact us if you can share your time, talents or resources. 

What is the PTA and what does it do?

  • PTO - Parent Teacher Organization
  • Small volunteer run group that helps in fostering relationships among school, parents and Teachers.  
  • Plans fundraisers throughout the year to help support school events and numerous other school activities.
  • Aids in open communication between school administrators/Teachers and parents.

Main Contact

Forest Elementary PTO

*Booster Clubs, Parent-Teacher-Student Organizations (PTO) and Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) are separate entities from the school district. They are typically formed as non-profit organizations. For the full information on guiding principals go to our Booster-PTO-PTA Accounting and Operations page.