Robbinsdale Area Schools

Some District Schools Getting Summertime Facelifts

Across Robbinsdale Area Schools, many children go to school in the same buildings their parents/guardians attended when they were kids. They use the same lockers, play in the same gymnasiums, and learn in the same classrooms.

To make sure those schools continue to be welcoming learning environments, every summer the district takes on construction and maintenance projects that are part of a long-term facilities maintenance (LTFM) plan. 

This summer is no different. Drive past a district school this summer, and you might see some work being done. From replacing an aging roof at Sandburg Middle School to reconstructing the parking lot at Zachary Lane Elementary School, the projects help Robbinsdale Area Schools to be a responsible steward of tax dollars by maintaining the community’s investment in its schools, and making sure they’re a great place for learning.

“We prioritize these projects based on safety and learning,” said Jeff Connell, Executive Director of Facilities, Operations, and Transportation. “We have almost 12,000 students and we want to give them the best learning environment possible.”

The LTFM projects are funded through the district’s Building Construction Fund.


  • Cooper High School is receiving a new roof on the connection between classroom wings B and C, and new entrance doors at the community gym. The school is also having new chillers and a new fire alarm system installed this summer, and work is being done to rework the east half of the school’s emergency lighting. In addition, fan coils on the west side of the school are being replaced, along with temperature controls for the building. Finally, classrooms and all hallway ceilings are being painted.
  • Forest Elementary School is having new lighting controls installed, and work on emergency light repowering with a new generator is being completed.
  • Lakeview Elementary School is receiving a new fire alarm system. In addition, work on emergency light repowering with a new generator is being completed, and exterior brick washing and door replacement is being done.
  • Robbinsdale Middle School is having the roof replaced on the auditorium, and internal piping changes are being completed in band and choir rooms as well as the stage.
  • Sandburg Middle School’s west parking lot is being replaced with storm-water upgrades, along with new parking lot lighting and lighting controls. In addition, the northwest portion of the school will have a roof replacement, and HVAC equipment is being replaced.
  • Zachary Lane Elementary School will have the remainder of its metal panel fascia replaced, along with metal panel revisions at all entries. In addition, the parking lot will be reconstructed and lockers in the school replaced. Finally, new plumbing fixtures and a water softener will be installed.