Meeting Minutes

Forest PTO Meeting,  Thursday, May 12, 2016
Music Room

Teacher's Forum
  • Reading Corps – Lindsey Torkilsen
Officer's Report

·       Budget Update – Beth Berg

·       2016-17 Board Members Elections - President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary

Business Topics

·       Fifth Grade - End of Year

o   T-shirts versus Legacy Gift

o   Pizza Party

·       Labels for Education, Tyson Labels, Box Tops

o   Who will manage for 2016-17 year?

§  PTO or 1-2 parent volunteers

§  Money generated will go direct to the PTO

·       Family Picnic

o   DQ

o   BOGO Book Fair

·       Staff Appreciation Week Recap – Wendy Grimes

·       Board Member Elections

o   Co Presidents – Devin Hanson & Tori Snyder

o   Treasurer – Kristin Sheffer

o   Secretary – Mimi Stevens 

Upcoming Events

May 19th                                  5-8                        DQ Fundraiser

May 24th                                  5:30-7:30              Family Picnic (rain date May 26th)

June 6th                                   9:10-11:45           Forest Field Days (rain date June 8th)


June 7th                                    2:30                          Talent Show (try-outs week of May 16-20)

Forest PTO Meeting, 
Thursday, April 14, 2016
Music Room

Teacher's Forum

  • 4th and 5th Grade/Art – Thill, Bjorgan
    • Switching classes
    • Art room coming back

• 4th Graders getting Chrome books 2016-2017

Officer's Report

• All positions open
Get Mrs. Jackson a snippet of positions

• Spring Fundraiser
- $885 in kind donations
- Art ?

• Discuss budge for next year.
- Talk with teachers about what they need, what we can change.

• Bingo night Friday, April 15.

  • Fundraiser –ideas?
- Noodles
- Chipotle
- SkyZone
- Bowling

Business Topics

• Dr. Jenkins

• Richard McGregor (evaluate what’s going on in the District)
- Effective feedback for teachers
- Assistant Principals at all Elem.
- Cooper/Armstrong on Washington Post most challenging schools
- Middle School – Excellence for All
- Early Childhood very important (social/emotional learning)
- School borders being looked at
- April 26th State of the District

Upcoming Events

• Staff Appreciation (1st week of May)
• Family picnic
-  DJ
- Bookfair

Forest PTO Meeting, 
Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Music Room

Principal's Report

·       School improvement Plan Mid Year Review Presentation

o   Will be posted on our website Mar 14th

·       MCA Testing:

o   Window open

o   5th graders start on Monday with science test

o   3-5th grade math and reading tests will be administered after spring break

o   Testing dates will be posted on website

·       Spring Conferences

o   Dates: March 15th, 17th & 22nd

o   PTO is providing staff meals.

§  Canton Gardens, Mad Jacks

·       Planning for next school year:

o   Calendar

§  Get dates on Calendar

o   PTO meetings: offer topics

§  Before PTO meetings that might include 5th grade panel, daily reading, Kindergarten

o   Budget

o   Committees (PBIS, Instructional Leadership, Equity, Parent Engagement, Handbook)

·       April meeting with Superintendent

o   Physical space

o   Dr. Jenkins

o   Add questionnaire to parents/teachers on what questions they would like answered

Attendees bring snacks

Teacher's Forum

·       Third Grade – Farley, Olynick

o   Fall

§  Bus Safety

§  Map Skills

o   Winter

§  Arboretum Field Trip

§  Dog Report

§  Heritage Posters

§  Community Project

§  Decade Timeline

o   Spring

§  Plant Unit

§  Spring Field Trip (Zoo)

§  Community Field Trip (Police, Library, Fire Dept)

§  Fire Safety Visits

o   Would like ear buds/headphones

o   Homework

§  Weekly reading log

§  Nightly math if they don’t get it done in class

§  Spelling words

·       Music Mrs. Lutz

o   K – music class held in the Kindergarten rooms.               

o   Need multi-purpose room

o   Grade 1 – Steady Beat – district wide assessment

§  Concert in April

o   Grade2  - Naming notes, rests and values – district wide assessment

o   Grade 3 – Naming notes on Treble Clef Staff – district wide assessment

§  Trip to Orchestra Hall – January, singing challenge

o   Grade 4 – Recorders – district wide assessment

§  Orchestra, tryouts for all District Choir in May

o   Grade 5 – Improvisation  – district wide assessment

§  Concert – mid-year, All District Choir, Orchestra, Band

o   Drumming Residency

§  3rd, 4th & 5th grades

§  Performed on Culture Night

o   Possibly have multi-grade concert at Culture Night in the future

Business Topics

·       Spring Conference & Scholastic Book Fair

o   Book Fair

§  How many volunteers are still needed?

§  Contact Ann to include volunteer link in Wed folder email

§  Contact Melissa to include volunteer link in Sunday message email

§  What other help is needed?

§  Did we decide against a teacher preview?

o   Conference – staff dinners

§  Are all dinners on order?

§  Budget is $750 

·       Spring Fundraiser

o   Kick-off scheduled for March 18th

o   Fundraiser ends April 8th

o   Fundraiser will be announced in each classroom (not at assembly)

o   No student prizes will be awarded

o   Need to raise at least $7K to be able to provide the same funding next school year

o   Product fundraiser in conjunction with cash donations

§  Square 1 Art

·       Case in main hall displays some examples of product for purchase

·       Each grade level/class did a different theme for art project

·       Catalogs are personalized with students name and art project (all students receive a free sticker sheet)

·       Kara Johnson coordinating product fundraiser

·       Original timeline for sending art to Square 1 Art was 2/26 and catalogs returned 3/17

·       Art (553 pieces) mailed 3/2 – catalogs scheduled to be returned 3/22

·       Notified Kara multiple times that kick off is scheduled for 3/18 – requested she contact company and request a rush on catalogs so we can stick to timeline

§  In-kind monetary donations

§  Letter with PTO spend breakdown will accompany a collection envelope


·       PTO Family Night

o   Friday, April 15th, 6-8pm

o   Bingo

§  Wendy has a bingo game we can borrow – we have a 100.

§  Charge $1 per bingo card

§  Cards are good for all games

§  10 games with 1 prize per game

§  Gift cards for prizes

§  Can we get donations from community businesses

o   Do we need to contact the IRS and/or State for information on gaming laws?

o   Are we doing a Jets dinner package again? 

o   Suggest families pay in advance with RSVP form – prevent loss

o   What date should RSVP’s be returned by?  Spring Break return 4/4, event is 4/8.

o   Volunteers needed –

o   Staff – to help serve dinner, pass out bingo cards, collect money, bingo callers

o   Families – set up and clean up

o   Need to schedule a planning meeting if possible

Upcoming Events

March 15th, 17th, 22nd                                         Spring Conferences & Book Fair

March 17th                             5-8                             DQ Fundraiser

March 18th                                                                 Spring Fundraiser Kick-off

April 8th                                    6-8                             PTO Family Night – BINGO

April 14th                                 6-7                             PTO Meeting (Dr. Jenkins / Fourth Grade / Fifth Grade)

April 21st                                  5-8                             DQ Fundraiser

Forest PTO Meeting, Tuesday, February 9, 2016 

Music Room

Principal's Report

  • Updates – School Improvement Plan
    • 578 K-5 Students
    • 17 Four Star Students at New Hope that would move back if we got full remodel
    • 150 kids come in, 120 went out
    • 106 days of absence due to Professional Development
    • 240 days of absence due to other reasons
    • Teacher evaluation – Formal every 3 years.
    • Funds
      • Title Funds $20,000
      • Fund 01 (spent all supply funds for this school year)
      • Compensatory
    • Math & Reading stopped dropping last year
    • Science dropped more last year

​Teacher's Forum

• Typical day – Breakfast, work sheets, reading Daily 5, early lunch, read aloud, handwriting, math, last round of Daily 5 (usually 3 rounds) Science/Social Studies, Specialists, Friday Fun (outside, games, puzzles), closing circle

o Field trip to The Works

o   Possibly walk to Sims park at the end of the year (picnic, basketball, games, invite parents)

·       Media - Mrs. Baily

o   Support reading

o   Order books that kids want

o   55 min every 2 weeks

o   Focus the most on Technology

o   Kindergarten & 1st grade more Literature based, Fiction, Non Fiction search strategies

o   2nd & 3rd how to log into programs like ebooks, Search strategies

o   5th gets Chrome books, give a persuasive presentation

o   4th grade are creating slide shows at Culture Night using Culture Grams

o   5th Grade using Pow Tunes

o   Does Tech support

o   4th graders getting Chrome books 2016-2017

o   3rd grade getting a combination of Chrome books and iPads in 2016-2017

o   Kindergarten and 1st grade rooms received iPads

o   Media Center is loosing a lot of books each year. Try to figure out how to prevent this and exact numbers of lost books and costs.

Officer's Report (Beth)

Business Topics

·       Family Fun Night Recap (Erin)

·       Spring Fundraiser

Upcoming Events

February 11th                                                           Kindergarten Registration Night (PTO table)

February 12th                       2:15                          Valentine’s Day Classroom Parties

February 18th                       5-8                             DQ Fundraiser

March 8th                                6-7                             PTO Meeting (Third Grade / Music & Band)

March 8th                                5-8                             DQ Fundraiser

March 15th, 17th, 22nd                                         Spring Conferences & Book Fair

March 18th                                                                 Spring Fundraiser Kick-off

April 8th                                    6-8                             PTO Family Night – BINGO

April 14th                                 6-7                             PTO Meeting (Dr. Jenkins / Fourth Grade / Fifth Grade)

April 21st                                  5-8                             DQ Fundraiser


Forest PTO Meeting, Thursday, January 14, 2016
Music Room

Principal's Report

Review work and progress made towards our goals.
- Share info on Feb 9th

Open our new 2nd grade Classroom
- Monday, Jan 11

Building Construction
- Project will start the day after school ends in June
- Minimum 4 additional classrooms
- Alternate addition (still waiting for approval) expand cafeteria and 2 additional classrooms to bring Great
   Start Forest classrooms back to Forest

Entering testing season:
- Currently in winter testing window. FAST in K-5 and MAP in grades 2-5.
- Finalize our testing schedule for both MAP and MCA’s for spring tests and get that out to families.

K and 5th Grade transitions
- Kindergarten registration is Thursday, Feb 11th
- Middle School meetings occurred this week. RMS visit will occur near the end of January.

Follow up from November meeting:
- Student Council T-shirt quote – Quote with Beth for approval.

​Teacher's Forum

First Grade (Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Hartl, Mr. Schiesel, Mr. Hunter)

FAST testing in 1st grade this week. 2 more this year.
- Tests meet with objectives on report card

Typical day: Breakfast, morning circle time, individualized reading time (daily 5), hour of math, health, science, writing, story time, closing circle time

Field trip this week at Mills City Museum (used federal aid/grant)

Spring concert, starting to practice, typically in April

Daily 5 to go smoothly; read to self, write, listen to reading. Would like headphones, new containers (book crates) 1st grade has $250/year + $250 for field trip.

Student Support Services (Casey)

Services provided are: Positive behavior at Forest, Behavior issues not handled in the classroom. Intervention (Response to intervention) Most kids in Tier 1, if its not working they move up to Tier 2 and Tier 3, then Special Ed. Support; support kids, parents, DARE, Playworks.

On site therapist (2-3 days week, 12-15 kids) goes through Social Worker or teacher referral. Insurance covers most otherwise there are grants to help cover.

Mark Hornbeak Social Worker – Helps with behavior groups. Works with Special Ed. Monitors attendance. Provides community resources (food, clothing, shelter).

Officers' Report

ShopWithScrip Fundraiser – Results (Wendy)

- Raised $1331.97
- 69 kids participated
- 10 staff
- Positive; liked the Gift Card ideas, pay money, get money
- Very time consuming. A lot of startup time entered all kids into a database. Entering all info can cause
   errors. Had to sort all the cards. Not a high participation rate.

Family Fun Night (Erin)

Valentine’s Day Class Party

- Send teachers list of parents who wanted to volunteer for party. Teachers send out an email to parents.
- Send ½ sheet volunteer list out to gather more volunteer names.
- Sign up Genius to reach out to volunteers
- Going out in next Sundays voice mail. Sunday 25th
- Volunteer list separated out to teachers.
- Ask Nurse about a different snack for party

Spring Fundraiser
- Square Art Fundraiser

Upcoming Events

January 21st                          5-8                             DQ Fundraiser

January 22nd                         6-8                             PTO Family Night (Magician)

February 9th                          6-7                             PTO Meeting

February 11th                                                           Kindergarten Registration Night

February 12th                                                           Valentine’s Day Class Party

February 18th                       5-8                             DQ Fundraiser



Forest PTO Meeting, Thursday, November 19, 2015

Music Room

Principal's Report
MAP Scores
  - Letters and individual student reports regarding Fall 2015 MAP results will arrive in homes the
weekend of November 20th for students in grades 2-5.

November Assembly
  - The assembly was a great success recognizing our Veteran's.

Student Council
  - Representatives were recently announced. Would the PTO consider providing shirts for these students each year?

Family Engagement
  - Parents as our Partners has 2 more sessions.
  - Muffins with Mom - December 4th
  - Doughnuts with Dad - December 11

Dr. Jenkins
  - Will join the April 14th PTO meeting

Teacher's Forum
• Phy Ed - Mr. Arseneau
  - Expectations for all grades “Work, Respect, Belong”
  - Work - Give 100% the whole time
  - Respect - Teachers, Classmates, Equipment
  - Belong – Do not cause distractions
• Kindergarten – Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Clemenson, Mr. Rebrovich, Mrs. DeSmit, Mrs. Efron
  - Morning – reading & math blocks, specialty in the afternoon
  - Later lunch & recess this year is working well
 - Kindergarten teachers meet on Wednesday as a group to share ideas.
  - Teachers asked about possibly doing a field trip this year instead of having something come in. They
    will look around for options. Another possibility is maybe dividing the $250 among each other, so they
    each have an amount to spend.

  - Every class has rest time for 15-20min after lunch.

Officer's Report
• On budget
• ELL group is requesting some funds. The PTO would like them to present to the group what
  they are wanting the money for.

Business Topics
• ShopWithScrip Fundraiser – Update
  - Email went out to teachers explaining the Scrip fundraiser. Kids will come home with folder
    with information for families
  - Return order forms Dec 7th
  - Cards will come in the week of Dec 14. Families can choose to have cards sent home with
    kids or we will have a pickup day.
  - Script information will go in Mrs. Jacksons weekly messages.
• Forest Spirit Wear Update
 - Youth & Adult: all grade level colors, short or long sleeved t-shirts, crew & hooded sweatshirts
  - Order deadline 11/30/15 (checking to see if this can be extended
  - Delivery and pick up at Forest before winter break
  - Order and pay online at
  - Communication: Works Night, Principal News & Notes 11/16, Facebook, Forest front office,
    1/2 sheet going out to families Tuesday, November 24th. Adding an order form in case
 parents want
     to pay with cash, they can turn it into the office. 

• DARE 5th Grade Graduation
  - Thursday, December 17th 2:30pm
  - Volunteers needed – 3rd and 4th grade parents have helped in the past
      - 10 volunteers needed between  2:00-3:30
       - Send home ½ sheet asking for volunteers
  - Organizer – Casey Young,
 - PTO will provide cakes and supplies
 - Expecting around 300 people.
 - City providing decorations

• PTO Family Night (Magician)
 - Friday, January 22nd 6-8pm
    6-6:45 have pizza, 7:00-8:00 Magician
  - Hoping to have staff volunteers
  - Have parents help with setup and tear down
  - RSVP for pizza $4/person or $12/family (pizza/water/cookies)
  - School donate fruit, possibly through the cafeteria
  - Coburns donates water (300-400), checking with them
  - Hy-Vee donates giftcards
  - Magician free

• Interschool Council Meetings
 - Once a month, Representatives from all schools, community, School Board are present. School Board
   talks about what they are planning, equity planning, long range planning
- Open to anyone who wants to come
- Meeting minutes will be on the Robbinsdale website

Forest PTO Meeting, Thursday, September 17, 2015
Music Room

Principal’s Report
• Updates
- New Admin Intern Shalinda Sherrod
Great start to the school year
Grab & Go Breakfast program
Giving it 3 weeks to see how its going
Kids missing warm breakfast
Weekly voicemail (Goes out Sunday afternoons)
Newsletter –Highlight School Info, Grade level information will come from teachers
Parent Handbook – Took Calendar out as it can become out of date quickly
Monthly Calendar sent home every month

• Take Charge of Education (Target)
- Program will end May 14, 2016

• Conferences
- 20 minutes matches what other schools are doing.
- Online sign up starts Friday 18th

• Arrival/Dismissal
- Concerned about keeping students safe. Staff wants to make changes to the  arrival and dismissal   process. Hard to keep unwanted people out of the building.
- Parent pickup and sign out in gym. Kids grouped by grade.

• Finance Items
- Teacher Reimbursements: Need to accept funds from the PTO as a donation and then request a   check through RAS. Teachers will not be reimbursed for tax.

• 10 Year Anniversary
Friday, Sept 25th from 6:00 – 8:00
Short program at 6:30
Previous 3 principals will be in attendance
Thank you for the t-shirts
Mrs. Lutz, working on the School cheer with the 2nd, 3rd & 4th graders. Kids welcome to the   program to perform cheer.
Kids will get their new shirts for the Anniversary. Teachers will then recollect them and keep them   until the Walk-a-Thon then they go home with the kids

• Feedback & Questions
What are we doing to retain higher advancing students and how to keep them challenged. New   curriculum helps to keep kids in flexible groups. Response to  intervention will help both students   who need help and kids who need to be pushed. 
Robbinsdale offers many enrichment opportunities that Forest will try to incorporate back into the   school.
Stamina reading. Reading to self
All schools have the same curriculum.
Being more transparent on the curriculum, what the district is doing, what Forest is  doing.
How can you get the info out to the parents.
Partial departmental Groups in 4th & 5th Grade. Helps kids be more independent and gets them   ready for Middle School.

Officer’s Reports
• Co-presidents
 - PTO Overview and Mission
- Fundraisers – why we have them and what we pay for.
- PTO Monthly Meetings
- 6-7 Forest Music Room
- Agendas & Meetings Minutes – posted to PTO section on Forest website

• Budget Update
2 big fundraisers Walk-a-thon and Spring fundraisers
Author visit in the Library? Is there Grant money or money from the district?

Business Topics
• Fitness for Forest
Sept 18 - Kick off (envelopes sent home with students)
Oct 1 – Fundraising envelopes due
Oct 2 – Walk-a-thon (last day to return envelopes)
Students to wear t-shirts
Families invited to walk with students meet in classroom
Walk begins at 2:00
- Oct 9 – Results & prizes at assembly

Volunteer Opportunities
• Several families signed up on Open House night – thank you!
Email was sent out this morning

• Event Coordinator assigned will reach out to volunteers
• Coming up
Scholastic Book Fair – Oct 1st, 6th, 8th (Beth & Melissa)
Setup 3:00-4:00
2hr shifts
Tear Down 8:00-9:00
-Special Persons Day – Oct 23rd (Katie Wencker)
-Fall Festival classroom parties – Oct 30th (Classroom Teachers)

• Playworks
- Put on agenda for October.


Forest PTO Meeting, Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Time: 6:30-7:30
Location: Forest Elementary, Cafeteria

Principal's Report:
- Parents wanted to review/write school improvement plan. Meetings in June & August along with a couple meetings during the upcoming school year.

- Fundraiser pickup is scheduled for May 8 from 3:30-7:00
- Results will be at the Friday assembly
- Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser scheduled for May 20th
- Decided against the SchoolKidz program. Would need to have orders in the last week of school. Revisit next year.

- Family picnic is May 19th
- DJ, Bouncy Houses, Snow Cone machine, Fire Truck, Police Officer & Book Fair
- All Volunteer Coordinators have resigned
- Try having Event Committees to lead teams

Forest PTO Meeting, Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Time: 6:30-7:30
Location: Forest Elementary, Cafeteria

Principal's Report:
- Cooper Cares will be at all PTO meetings for child care

 - Staff Appreciation week ideas
  - Wellness (massages)
 - Breakfast/lunch/desser
  - Appreciation notes
  - Send an email to the staff and see what they like

Music Teachers joined the meeting
- They like to collaborate with other music teachers
- 1st & 5th grade concerts this year (each school is different)
- Help kids with the talent show (2nd to last day of school)

Robert Rivera, Family Engagement Coordinator Presentation:
- There’s a Family Advocacy Committee at each school
- Forest is a target school because of their Title 1 Status
- Teach parents best practices on how to advocate for their children
- Teach parents what is expected of them.
- Professional development with teachers

- Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser
- Coupons - 10% goes back to Forest
- April 27 & May 20
- Book Fair brought in over $2000 in Scholastic dollars

Forest PTO Meeting, Thursday, March 12, 2015
Time: 6:30-7:30
Location: Forest Elementary, Cafeteria

Principal's Report:
- 148 parent surveys were returned
- May put survey in Survey Monkey and send out to try and get more engagement.
- Cultural night being planned by the Equity Committee. Scheduled for late April. Food and entertainment being planned

1st grade teacher Mr. Hunter joined the meeting tonight

Board business:
- Finalize Book Fair Schedule
- Spring Fundraiser - push the online shopping. Dates are April 10-24
- Give charms out to teacher’s for Fundraiser.
- Red Envelope fundraiser brought in $1,800
- Mr. Rebrovich’s class won the pizza party
- Things learned 1) Need a better way to handle the money. 2) More time for the fundraiser 3) Better communicate what the money is going to be used for.
- Brainstormed how to get more families involved

- Personally ask them to come.
- Reach out to families at the “Parents as Partners” meeting at conference time.
- Gift Card incentives for bringing a friend
- Having students sit on the PTO, maybe students for the Student Council.
- Robert Rivera, Family Engagement Coordinator coming to the April meeting
- Get a better handle on Forest Social Media with Joe Wood leaving at the end of the year.

Forest PTO Meeting, Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Time: 6:30-7:30
Location: Forest Elementary, Cafeteria

Principal's Report:
- Budge time
- Part time social worker
- .5 Assistant Principal
- Forest is the only school that celebrates Halloween. No policy currently in place for parties, could change for the 2015-16 school year.
- PTO paying for all conference dinners. Forest to pay for Recorders.

Abigail Taitano - Payworks:
- Playworks keep kids moving, blood flow to the brain
- U of M study - executive functions greatly improved, helps to sit longer and transition easier.
1. Organized Recess
2. Junior Coach program
3. Comm learning time (games)
  - in classroom
  - social/emotional learning
  - empathy (show/earn)
  - set/achieve goals
  - Full time coach
  - Wants schools to embrace culture and have everyone buy in.
  - $28,500/yr (going forward). Central office pays $14,500, Forest pays $14,000
  - Team up with other schools having 1 site coordinator. Modeling for recess coaches.
  - Teach the games to the Teachers
  - Doesn’t feel like it can be sustainable if PlayWorks leaves next year

- Spring Fundraiser “Believe” kicks off April 10th. There will be a 1 day pickup.
- Red Envelope Due. Group coming in Friday at 1:00 to count money
- Valentine Day Party
- Invite teachers, better information on how to use site.
- Kindergarten Registration Night - PTO table with sign up sheet.
- Book Fair
- Include 1/2 sheet with books about the PTO?

Forest PTO Meeting, Tuesday, January 14, 2015
Time: 6:30-7:30
Location: Forest Elementary, Cafeteria

Principal's Report:

- Mr. Yurch the Phy Ed teacher is taking a leave of absence. They had someone accept the position, should start by the end of January.

- Looking for ideas to keep bus behavior in check. Mrs. Jackson will be riding some routes to help monitor.

- Something new that was started after winter break was having all kids bring books to read as they are waiting to get into their classrooms in the morning. This has helped significantly in behavior issues that were happening during this time.

- Mrs. Jackson is wondering how parents are getting school iinformation. Are they getting and reading the online Wednesday folder?Is everyone getting the monthly newsletter? Is it to much information or not enough? Do some parents want hard copies of all communications?Looking at possibly doing a survey to get answers to some of these questions.

- Also looking at getting feedback on the Playworks program. They will be looking at planning and the budget for next year. This program costs $28,500/yr so they want to make sure its working and kids are enjoying it.. We brainstormed ways to get this feedback from families,and it was decided to make it a homework assignment that goes home with all kids with possible awards for a certain percentage returned.

- There will be a space committee started by the district to get feedback on spacing issues Forest and other schools are having. Mrs.Jackson recommended more parents attend board meetings to voice concerns as they are now budgeting for next year.

Board business:
- Voted in Co-President Erin Gates & Kristin Sheffer and Vice President Wendy Grimes

- Read through the Forest PTO Survey Results
  - Overall pleased with the Halloween party
   - Ideas for Spring Fundraiser

- Vetted out the Red Envelope fundraiser.
  - Info to go home with kids 2/4
  - Kicking off Feb 6th
  - Ends on Feb 12th
  - Top class gets surprise
  - Goal of $15/kid

- Valentine party volunteers will sign up online this year.

Upcoming Events:
Red Envelope Fundraiser Kickoff     Friday, February 6th
February PTO Meeting                      Tuesday, February 10th
February DQ Night                            Thursday, February 12th
Valentine's Parties                             Friday, February 13th

Forest PTO Meeting, Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Time: 6:30-7:30
Location: Forest Elementary, Cafeteria

Alana Erickson from Seven Dreams Foundation
Grade 1 teachers Mr. Schiesel and Ms. Hartl

Introduction of PTO Board Members
Elizabeth Berg - Treasurer
Jamie Nugent - Volunteer Coordinator
Katie Coleman-Wencker - Volunteer Coordinator
Melissa Hove - Secretary

Seven Dreams Foundation / Bird Bash on Feb. 21, 2015 ($50/ticket)
     - Offer teacher grant programs ($500-$2,000)
    - Seven Dreams has funded “Instruments for Kids”, put  Stem programs into the Middle schools, and this year added “Engineering is Elementary for all 5th grade classes in
        the district.
     - Forest is currently using “Brain Pop”

Fundraiser Ideas:
     • Red Envelope Fundraiser (Wendy Grimes) - Vetting out how we can make this concept work at Forest. Possible ideas:

 - Valentine's Day
  - Have principals and/or teacher dye hair red if kids reach goal

     • Send envelopes home with kids, or put up envelopes at conference time.
     • Scripts (Gift card fundraiser)
             - Erin Gates, Jessica Heck to gather more information
             - On-going, year round VS. once per year
     • PTO Donation Bucket (Erin Gates, Kristin Sheffer)
            - To be used at all PTO-related events, beginning with the Family Move Night
            - Will be placed in the office, or outside the office for anytime donations

Bylaws and Tax Exempt Status (Beth)
     • Beth will email a copy of bylaws to attendees
     • Copies of Tax Exempt notice will be available to board members

Class Party Supplies
            - Kristin and Erin will investigate a stock supply of games for the class parties
            - Will be available for all classes during Halloween and V-day parties, as needed

Family Movie Night:
            - Movie decided:  Wall-E (?)
            - Katie and Beth will work with admin. on logistics
            - Cannot have food or drink in gym
            - Make it a slumber party with pajamas and blankets?
            - Flyers to advertise (Melissa)

Community Garden
     - All in favor!
     - Jaime will investigate 

PTO Vacancies
     - Kristin and Erin as co-presidents, or president and vice?

It was officially announced that Michelle Jayne has stepped down as PTO President.  If there is any interest in filling the position, let any of the current board members know.  Michelle will be removing her name from the PTO's bank account at Trustone.  A vote passed that Katie Wencker will have her name added to the bank account for the remainder of the school year

Upcoming Events:
Movie Night             Friday, December 12th

Forest PTO Meeting, Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Time: 6:30-8:00
Location: Forest Elementary, Cafeteria

Guest: Principal Jackson

Introduction of PTO Board Members
Michelle Jayne - President
Elizabeth Berg - Treasurer
Melissa Hove - Secretary
Jim Nugent - Volunteer Coordinator
Katie Coleman-Wencker - Volunteer Coordinator
Melissa Jackson - Principal
Joe Wood - Instructional Assistant

Principal's Report:
-Lunch and recess is a little different this year; they play first the neat. They have 5 more minutes (recess/lunch is 35 minutes this year compared to 30 last year). Staff is working hard to adjust routines to maximize the students' time at both lunch and recess.

- This year Forest is partnering with Playworks. This group provides structured recess and teaches games that help with conflict resolution, teamwork,empathy and more. There will also be some other great leadership opportunities for 4th and 5th graders. The playground was the 2ndhighest area of where our referrals came from last year and Forest needed to make some adjustments this year.

There has been a lot of concern that free play has been completely replaced. Currently children can pick between 6 different stations (activities) at lunch and that includes the playground. Staff checks in on the groups to make sure things are running smoothly

- Student numbers still high this year. Currently around 605 kids. Kindergarten & 1st grade are at max capacity. Waiting for district to decide if there should be an additional class added.

- Dismissal times have changed slightly
  Patrols 3:35
  Walkers/Parent Pick-up 3:40
  Busing 3:45

- Changing Birthday celebrations to "Healthy celebrations" No more food, prefer items such as pencils or the donating of books.
No more cookies or cupcakes.

-There's was a question about open gym this year. Forest is currently not running open gym based on some behavioral issues last year. Forest is looking to open in later in the year possibly as an incentive/reward program. Still working out the details.

- There is an annual Title 1 meeting October 7th at 5:00. There will be someone from the district talking about the referendum that voters will be voting on in November.

Instructional Assistant's:
Map testing is underway in all grades

President's Reports:
-Fall fundraiser kicks off Friday, September 19th. The theme this year is Safety & First Aid. It ends on October 3rd which also happens to be our Fall Walk-a-thon.

- Scholastic Book Fair runs with conferences again this year.

Upcoming Events:
Friday, September 26th                    Special Persons Day

Friday, October 3rd                            Fitness & Safety for Forest Walk
Tuesday, October 7th                         Student Picture Day/ Start of Book Fair/Conferences
Thursday, October 9th                       Book Fair/Conferences
Friday, October 10th                           Fundraiser Awards Assembly
Tuesday, October 14th                       Book Fair/Conferences
Thursday, October 23rd                     DQ Fundraiser AND PTO Meeting, 5-8pm, Crystal Dairy Queen-

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